Adopt Crypto, not Kitties! plus Crypto Inheritance & 3-D Altcoin/Bitcoin Chess

Infinity round: Cryptokitties are ruining everything! Futures are here, and Bitcoin and digital currency adoption is growing. But how will you pass your cryptocurrency done to loved ones in the event of your death?

Email [email protected] to submit your Round 0 questions.

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– Lightning Network getting close to ready to scale Bitcoin

– CboE Bitcoin futures launched and site crashes immediately! So far, price at 18,000.

– Andreas Antonopoulos Joins the 2-Comma Club after “Bitshaming” by Roger Ver

– Andreas Antonopoulos argues that mostly miners will short, not Wall Street bankers

– Bitcoin mining will NOT Boil the Oceans.

– Grab $10 FREE Bitcoin at Coinbase when you buy your first $100 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin by going to

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